Take Advice

15 Esther was the daughter of Abihail, who was Mordecai’s uncle. (Mordecai had adopted his younger cousin Esther.) When it was Esther’s turn to go to the king, she accepted the advice of Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the harem. She asked for nothing except what he suggested, and she was admired by everyone who saw her.” ~ Esther 2:15

When it was Esther’s turn to present herself to the king, she could have easily ignored the eunuch, but she didn’t. She took Hegai’s advice, and everyone admired her. One thing Esther lacked was pride. She wasn’t a woman that was chained up by pride, but instead, she allowed humility to lead her in life.

In today’s world, how much does pride keep us from growing or succeeding because we refuse to take advice from experienced people? Pride will destroy any person, no matter how strong or skilled they are, because no person can do everything on their own. No person can succeed completely on their own. Don’t allow pride to destroy you; instead, cling to humility and never let it go.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Take Advice.

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