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What Suits Your Fancy?

Do you ever wonder where God is? Do you ever wonder where Heaven is? Do you ask the difficult questions that seem to have no scientific or logical answer? Or is it just us?
Do you ask hard questions that make other’s uncomfortable? Do you want the answers to hard questions like suicide, abortion, sexuality, the afterlife? Come, search, learn, and strengthen your heart.
Do you ever question what is taught? Do you ever think, ‘that doesn’t sound right’? Do you ever just want to check the opinion of another? Pick the brains of another? Well, this is one part of our brains. Come… Pick…
The Apostle Paul said that we were given signs of the Coming of Jesus, so that we could be assured we did not miss that Great and Glorious Day. But what exactly are those signs? And are those the days we are living in now?
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