Start to Fight

24 When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and finding none it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ 25 And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order. 26 Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there. And the last state of that person is worse than the first. ~ Luke 11:24–26

Evil spirits are real. The demonic is real. Possession is real. Do not be fooled into believing that it is all fun and games. Do not let the prettiness of evil all dressed up fool you.

Snow White was fooled by the pretty red delicious apple, but one bite sent her into a deep sleep that she could not wake up from. So, the Church is being fooled by programming labeled as family or children’s entertainment, but it is not.

The Christian Church must wake up. We must raise our standards. There is a war going on—a spiritual war for our very souls. We can’t bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich. We have to wake up and start to fight for not only ourselves but for our families as well. We don’t have much longer on this earth. In the blink of an eye, it can all come to an end, so make today the day of change. The day of salvation. The day of awakening. The day of fighting.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Start to Fight.

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2 Replies to “Start to Fight”

  1. Hello Kenny and Arie, If we took the Holy Spirit out of most churches these days would anything change? Most church services are about God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Scriptures the Holy Spirit doesnt get much accomodation for his ministry wich is how God and Jesus work on earth. Jesus said he must leave us and go to be with the father so that we could receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and without him we are powerless and alone striving to accomplish the will of God and fight the devils attacks using human effort rather than the power of God by the authority of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Kind of like David fighting Goliath with his own strength instead of the power of the Lors. We can only receive the Holy Spirit through believing the message of Christ. Human effort seems to be the driving force of the believer and the church. Christianity becomes religion when the ministry of the Holy Spirit is ignored. It is the presence of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this faith work our Lord Jesus has commissioned us with to complete that gives excitement and empowerment through love to carry out the will of our Father in heaven. The study of the word with eyes of the Spirit to understand Gods ways, promises, thoughts and mindsets is only possible by intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit who through the prophets and apostles birthed the early church we need to strive to be like today. The Holy Spirit quickens us alive to Christ and it begins to make sence to speak in tounges and use all the gifts of the Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit the believer once baptised doesnt know what to do next. True love is based on understanding but how can we understand spiritual things if we dont have the Spirit of God to guide us and open our eyes and renew our minds and give us a heart of flesh rather than a heart cold and hardened like stone Without the Holy Spirit satan and his unclean demonic spirits are able to infiltrate us the temples of the Holy Spirit the church. So most churches are controlled through rebelion from God dominated, intimidated and manipulated by leaders lead by desperation and fear and unless we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us this root problem can never be exposed for the whitchcraft it is commonly manifested in the name of prophecy or by seeking answers from mediums because God isnt seeming to answer us. Until we can make a decission by faith to seek the Holy Spirit in Jesus name crucifying our own fleshly desires for the pleasures of this broken world we are destined to constantly recycle never being lifted to the next spiritual level required to fullfill our destiny writen in the book of our life by God since the beginning. Our desperation to escape the devils attacks leads to fear and this sin seperates us from God and unless we truely repent and turn from this sin the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross isnt accessable and satan can promise us anything leading us astray so we can join him for all eternity in the pit of fire. Just like he tried to do to Jesus. Until we can allow the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost guide us to forgiveness, redemption, cleansing, justification and sanctification through the blood of Jesus sprinkled in heaven in the presence of God interceeding for us right now our guilt and satans accusations wont allow us to start to fight or even know how or where to swing the sword of the Spirit. So I pray in Jesus name Holy Spirit give me more love, more power more of you in my life.
    I pray that my family and i could just pack up and fly to the US and put what is happening in Australia behind us i know that if thats what God wants us to do he will make it happen. But I also pray that Gods will be done not mine. You see the church i attend is a church just like the one i described like many churches and i feel God has us here for this reason. I tried to speak to my pastor about it and he accused me of fellowshipping with satan but thats a conversation for another day. The Holy Spirit has been revealing scripture to me like Isaiah54 to 55. So patient and wait upon the Lord our God submit to his authority and continue to learn gain strength and spiritual stamina to overcome the attacks. That is how it shall be for now. You are around 14 hours behind me i think so God willing we will speak soon. I was having physical attacks in my sleep about two months ago and have had headaches everyday since. My dr got me to have a CT scan last week that i havnt received any results for as yet. Whatever they find i will proclaim that Jesus was wounded that i can have healing. With his stripes we are healed. Then shall thy light break forth as the morning and thine health shall spring forth speedily thy righteousness shall go before thee the glory of the lord shall be my reward.
    Congratulations to you all on the arrival of your new family member I pray the Lord let the new mother be well rested and may our Gods blessings, protection, favour and guidance be with you all always Amen.
    Peace love and blessed hope to you.
    Brotherly love Troy and family.

    1. Hello Troy and Family,
      We are so sorry to hear about the incident with your pastor. May the LORD give you the strength, love, and wisdom to overcome the difficulties that you are facing. This is sadly a common belief in the Church today. The Holy Spirit and His power no longer have a place in our Church today, which is very sad. We plan to address this in Church Under Attack and go deeper into why this is happening, but basically, we believe that this belief has stemmed from the wolves back in the day and has been passed down to us here today. This belief has been one of the main roots that have weakened the Church in the past couple hundred years. As Paul said, the kingdom of Heaven isn’t a matter of speech or talk, but of power. That’s what the Church is missing today; so many leave the Church because there is no power in here. There’s no more healing, freedom, change, or restoration. It’s come as you are and leave as you are. It’s a very sad world we are living in.
      We pray that the LORD will show you His divine will for your life so that there will be no doubt nor fear because you know without a doubt that you are doing the will of the Father. We pray that doors will begin to open for you to fulfill that will for your life and that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you in the race that has been set before you. We pray that your CT scan will come back negative, and you will have a good and clear report in the name of Jesus and that you will no longer have attacks nor headaches in the name of Jesus.
      May the LORD protect and be with you and your family in Australia.
      God’s Blessings and, as always, much brotherly love,
      Kenny, Celia, and Arie

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