Convict Me LORD

43 Why can’t you understand what I am saying? It’s because you can’t even hear me! ~ John 8:43 NLT

Jesus sounds befuddled, if not frustrated. I can imagine Jesus throwing His hands up into the air and sighing deeply, “Why can’t you understand what I am saying?”

Jesus was trying to explain the way to eternal life. Jesus is the only way to eternal life. He is explaining deep, spiritual things to them and was amazed that although they heard the words, they could not, or would not comprehend them. Jesus soon realized that it was because of the hardness of their hearts, which were blinded by sin.

Sometimes it’s the same with us. We read the Bible, and the Holy Spirit will try to get our attention on something that we just read, but we’re too preoccupied with reading and getting it over and done with that He can’t penetrate our focused attention. Or we sit through a sermon that is aimed directly at us, but we look to the left and the right, and we point our finger. And Jesus replies, “Why can’t you hear what I’m saying to you through the preacher? You’re not even listening to my Spirit. You’re not even feeling the conviction.”

We have to be vigilant and pay attention to what the Spirit is saying. It’s not always the person next to us but the person looking back at us from the mirror.

Heavenly Father, it is not my brother or my sister, but it is I who is standing in need of prayer. Help me to feel conviction and be ready to change so that I can be a better servant, LORD Jesus, for it’s in Your name I pray, amen.

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