Light Your Lamps

20 You shall command the people of Israel that they bring to you pure beaten olive oil for the light, that a lamp may regularly be set up to burn. 21 In the tent of meeting, outside the veil that is before the testimony, Aaron and his sons shall tend it from evening to morning before the Lord. It shall be a statute forever to be observed throughout their generations by the people of Israel. ~ Exodus 27:20-21

Aaron and his sons were the high priest and priests of Israel. They were the only ones who could enter into the presence of the LORD and intercede on behalf of the people. We no longer have humans as our interceders between God and us, but God-Himself, Jesus Christ, intercedes on our behalf, and it is through Him that we go before the LORD God Almighty. But look at what the priests of old had to do. They had to keep the lamp burning, tending to it from evening to morning. The oil they used wasn’t just any old oil either; it was pure beaten olive oil.

Today, we try to fill our lamp with any old oil. We bring half prayers filled with drowsy words as we drift off into sleep. We bring pitiful worship that isn’t even for fifteen minutes. We bring half-read verses of Scripture that we forget within minutes. Our oil that we’re filling our lamps with isn’t pure beaten olive oil. It’s any old oil we find lying around. Is that the kind of oil that will bring light to our lamp? Is that the kind of oil that won’t burn out seconds after adding it? How often do you add oil? How often do you tend to your lamp?

We are the light of the world because Christ is no longer physically on earth but instead lives through us. His Holy Spirit dwells in us and with us, so what excuse do we have when we bring poor oil to fill our lamps with? Jesus is coming back very soon. The signs of the times are revealing everywhere. Don’t let the temporary things of this world distract you from the eternal treasures God has in store for His people. Spend time with the LORD every single day, making sure to light your lamp with only the purest beaten olive oil. Don’t waste what little time you have left. Prepare yourself for the master will soon be on His way.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Light Your Lamps.

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