Devote Them To Destruction

14 And Moses was angry with the officers of the army, the commanders of thousands and the commanders of hundreds, who had come from service in the war. 15 Moses said to them, “Have you let all the women live? 16 Behold, these, on Balaam’s advice, caused the people of Israel to act treacherously against the Lord in the incident of Peor, and so the plague came among the congregation of the Lord.” ~ Numbers 31:14–16

The soldiers brought the accursed things into their own territory and into the presence of God, knowing that it was this very thing. These were the very women who had caused Israel to sin against their God in the first place. This is the same thing we are doing when we bring the occult into our house, such as Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Horoscopes, and yes, even Halloween and its paraphernalia into our homes. We have essentially brought the accused things into our lives, which opens up spiritual doors, just like Moses told the soldiers.

If we want to dwell in the presence of God and enter into His promises, we have to remove all darkness from our lives. We have to give up the accursed things and lay them at the feet of Jesus. They were never intended for us. They don’t bring light into our lives; they only bring darkness. They don’t bring life; they only bring death. This is why God said that they are things devoted to destruction. Don’t keep them. Don’t hold on to them. Remove them from your lives so that it might go well with you and your family. So, that you might dwell in the will and favor of the LORD.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Devote Them To Destruction.

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