Beware The Ungodly Distraction

After some years he (King Jehoshaphat) went down to Ahab in Samaria. And Ahab killed an abundance of sheep and oxen for him and for the people who were with him and induced him to go up against Ramoth-gilead. Ahab king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat king of Judah, “Will you go with me to Ramoth-gilead?” He answered him, “I am as you are, my people as your people. We will be with you in the war.” ~ 2 Chronicles 18:2–3

Ahab did not come up to Jehoshaphat, but rather, Jehoshaphat went down to Ahab. Please understand sin is not attracted to Godliness, but rather, Godliness is distracted by sin. Sin will pull and pull until it drags you down to where it is. It will cause you to lose your mind and your sense of direction.

Ahab then convinced Jehoshaphat to go into the war wearing his royal garments while he himself would go in disguise. So, when the enemy saw Jehoshaphat, they immediately thought it was Ahab, king of Israel, and turned to attack him, but when he cried out, they turned and stopped chasing him. So, his life was only narrowly spared.

The problem with ungodly alliances is that they will take you further than you want to go and cause you to make the wrong decisions without even realizing that it is against God’s earthly will for your life.

Just as Jehoshaphat didn’t expect to almost lose his life in an alliance with King Ahab, so do many Christians expect not to lose their spiritual life in an alliance with sin and darkness. We’re in the battle, in the real enemies’ clothes, instead of our spiritual armor. So, what happens? We’re attacked and chased. This is where the Church is. We’re on the brink of death. The enemy has us in his sights. There’s no escape that we can see. It’s time for us to cry out to Jesus. That is the only way we will be spared. Cry out and live. Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life. Turn to Him and live. Wake up from your spiritual slumber caused by the deceit of the enemy.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Get Out of Bed With the Enemy.

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