It’s Not Always About You

For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. ~ Romans 14:7

I have a friend who I was extremely close to but eventually pushed and put a halt to our friendship because I wasn’t being lifted up. I felt like I was just being torn down. Like they just wanted me in their life to lean on me but it wasn’t reciprocated. This bothered me a lot because I was expecting to have a friend, an older sister, I could go to in hard times, and we could help each other, but it wasn’t like that at all.

This became very discouraging to me. I felt so discouraged that I went to my mom and told her, “I have friends now, but I’m still alone.” I stopped communicating with her in the way that she was used to. Less involved and talkative, so our conversations became fewer and fewer. My mom kept encouraging me by telling me to try to overlook her shortcomings because she believed our friendship was important. One day after she told me that, I went to my computer, sat down, and began to write a song where I was pouring out my frustration with her, and I felt like God was opening my eyes to see (as I’m freestyling in the microphone) that the friendship wasn’t about me. It wasn’t for me. It was for her.

See, I was expecting a big sister I could lean on, but God had other plans. He didn’t put her in my life for me to have someone to lean on. He put me in her life so that I could be someone she could lean on. Someone she could learn from and grow because of. It wasn’t until I stopped expecting my own desires for the friendship and changed the way that I saw our relationship that I was able to speak with her and not feel distant and far off.

The people in your life aren’t always there for your benefit. Sometimes, you’re in their lives for their benefit.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Look For God’s Reasoning Instead Of Your Own.

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