Where’s Your Undergarment?

He will wear righteousness like a belt and [faithfulness] like an undergarment. ~ Isaiah 11:5

Isaiah was prophesying about the coming Messiah. He declared that He would not only wear a belt of righteousness around His waist that protected Him on the outside, if you will, but also He would wear a belt of faithfulness like an undergarment. So many times, as the Church, we only focus on how we look to the world. As long as our outer belt looks good and right, it doesn’t matter whether we even have our underwear on at all.

We’ve become like the Pharisees. Jesus compared them to washing the outside of the cup but leaving the inside dirty. This is exactly how a lot of us have become. We’ve lost our faithfulness, our relationship with Christ. We just want to look good for the World as Saul did. He didn’t seem to care that he had done wrong in the sight of God; He only cared whether or not Samuel would go with him before the people of Israel to make a sacrifice. He had his outer belt on, for sacrifice was the righteous thing to do as a response for sinning, but his undergarment of faithfulness wasn’t on. He had no moment of repentance in his heart. There was no faithfulness in him.

LORD God, help us to not just put on a show for those around us. Help us to not just look like a good Christian, but help us to actually live as good Christians. Help us to put on the undergarment of faithfulness so that we might never lose sight of you. For even if we stumble and fall into temptation, You will catch us before we hit the ground if we have a repentant heart. Help us to be faithful to You, oh LORD. Help us to love You and follow You the way You deserve, oh LORD God. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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