Who Do You Desire Acceptance From?

30 Then he [Saul] said, “I have sinned; yet honor me now before the elders of my people and before Israel, and return with me, that I may bow before the Lord your God.” ~ 1 Samuel 15:30

After all that happened to Saul, and even though he acknowledged he sinned, Saul was still concerned about how he looked before the people more than how he looked to God. Saul didn’t even refer to God as his God but as Samuel’s God. In doing this, he separated himself from God and his relationship with God. So many people today are too busy trying to uphold their outward appearance for other people that their relationship with God becomes just for show, and they don’t even realize it.

It’s so easy for us to need validation from those who we see every day and that we know without a doubt are real, rather than the God that we can’t physically see nor touch. It’s the human in us that is seeking out the terrestrial, physical, mortal acceptance around us because that is what we are in communication with every day, but if we change our focus from those around us to the celestial, spiritual, eternal God then who we desire acceptance from will change as well. We have to seek the spiritual to want the spiritual. We have to seek God to want God. The more we draw near to God, the more God will draw near to us. Whom we need acceptance from will determine where we will spend eternity. So, who do you desire acceptance from?

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Desire Acceptance From God.

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