Want What’s Best

16 … The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. ~ James 5:16b

Ever asked the question, “LORD, why did You not answer my prayer?” The responding question would be, were your prayer effectual and fervent? Now that sparks the retorting question, “What is an effectual fervent prayer?”

That’s a fair question. So, let us break it down.

The word effectual, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary, means:

    1. , or able to produce, the desired effect
    2. having legal force; valid

Therefore, in order for your prayers to produce the desired effect, they must first be legal. So, are your prayers legal?

What I mean is that you can’t live any old way and expect to come into God’s presence, looking and smelling like filth because of your sin-ridden lifestyle. Just to be clear, you can’t steal someone’s wife and shack up with her or be someone’s mistress on the side, thus living in adultery or fornication and believe that God hears your prayers.

Well, He actually hears your prayers, but they are detestable to Him. Neither can you actively have sex outside of marriage, live a homosexual lifestyle, or any other type of sexual immorality and believe you can demand an audience with the LORD or that your prayers will be swiftly answered.

The Scripture says you don’t have the right to enter into God’s presence filled with sin.

This isn’t hate speech. This is a concerned fellow human trying to explain what God expects from us. He has standards and protocols. He doesn’t just accept any old leftover thing. He is God, not just that, but He is Creator God. He wants our best. He demands our best. He requires us to put Him first.

Don’t let the world deceive you with its sugar-coated poison. God wants what’s best for you, even if it’s hard to get there.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Want What’s Best.

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