Think About Others

11 Israel has sinned; they have transgressed my covenant that I commanded them; they have taken some of the devoted things; they have stolen and lied and put them among their own belongings. ~ Joshua 7:11

There was no distinction between Israel and Achan. God saw the community as one, and if one fails, they all fail, and if one wins, they all win. I’m sure the Israelites began to question and deny doing it, and if you look at it from their point of view, they didn’t physically do anything. Yet, one man’s sin caused the whole community to suffer.

Sometimes we say, “It is my business; it’s not hurting anyone.” Or “He’s only hurting himself; leave him alone.” But on the contrary, no one lives to himself, but all are in this fight together. No man is an Island. We must be conscious of other members of the family and our community.

No one knew the reason; they just couldn’t figure out or understand why. How could this even happen to them? Who would do a thing like that? Who would take the dedicated things of God?

After the men of AI beat up the Israelite army, Joshua tore his clothes and fell facedown before the ark of the LORD. He and all the elders of Israel stayed there until that evening. Then Joshua started questioning God about His intentions concerning the Israelites. And you know what God told him? That the entire community of Israel was guilty and had sinned because of one man.

Nothing has changed today. Today our actions still affect those around us. So, when we act, we have to think of the potential consequences that could fall on those around us.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Think About Others.

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