The Year of the Triple Blessing

Jesus promises us a rest that has yet to come, even though Jesus came to declare the acceptable year of the LORD. So, then, when is the year of Jubilee for us Christians? When is our day of rest? When do we receive all of these promises? Join Reverend Kenny Yates as he shows us a Biblical mystery in his message, The Year of the Triple Blessing.

Leviticus 25:13-22
Luke 4:16-21
Hebrews 3:7- 11, 15-4:11
Zechariah 13:6 (KJV)
Revelation 20:1-6
Leviticus 25:21
Luke 16:9
Matthew 6:19-21

The Year of the Triple Blessing

The Year of Jubilee

13 In this year of jubilee each of you shall return to his property. 14 And if you make a sale to your neighbor or buy from your neighbor, you shall not wrong one another. 15 You shall pay your neighbor according to the number of years after the jubilee, and he shall sell to you according to the number of years for crops. 16 If the years are many, you shall increase the price, and if the years are few, you shall reduce the price, for it is the number of the crops that he is selling to you. 17 You shall not wrong one another, but you shall fear your God, for I am the Lord your God. 18 Therefore you shall do my statutes and keep my rules and perform them, and then you will dwell in the land securely. 19 The land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and dwell in it securely. 20 And if you say, ‘What shall we eat in the seventh year, if we may not sow or gather in our crop?’ 21 I will command my blessing on you in the sixth year, so that it will produce a crop sufficient for three years. 22 When you sow in the eighth year, you will be eating some of the old crop; you shall eat the old until the ninth year, when its crop arrives.

Leviticus 25:13-22

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