Grow in Christ Jesus

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. ~ Proverbs 18:2

In the Church today, one of our biggest strongholds is pride. We value our own thoughts and opinions over the Truth and Wisdom of God. So, when we are corrected, we feel personally attacked by the correction. This is because we’ve made it about us and what we think is right, instead of about God and what He knows is right. When we do this become like fools because our own understanding and wisdom could never even compete with the ‘foolishness’ of God.

God doesn’t always speak to us directly; He uses us to teach each other. When you’re corrected by God, it’s most likely not going to be face to face on a mountain like Moses or with a sword blocking the path as He did to Balaam. God will most likely use a fellow Christian to correct you. Why? Because iron sharpens iron. We help each other grow in the Spirit. If one person knew and understood everything, then we wouldn’t be the body of Christ. A body cannot function with just one body part. It needs the full system to function properly and accurately.

So, the next time you’re corrected, don’t feel attacked. Don’t get upset and offended. Instead, seek the wisdom of God and search through Scripture to make sure that they are speaking the Truth. Don’t let pride keep you from growing in Christ Jesus.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Grow in Christ Jesus.

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