Pray Dangerous Prayers

16b …The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. ~ James 2:16b

I remember reading a book once that was about dangerous prayers. As I was reading it, I thought to myself, these don’t really seem like dangerous prayers. They seem very generic basic prayers. So, being me, I thought of prayers that were more dangerous and moved on with my life. Now, like 10+ years later, those same thoughts came to mind again, after not thinking about it for so long, but this time it came with a follow-up thought. What makes a prayer dangerous isn’t what you pray; it’s how you pray it.

See, we can pray things like, “Jesus, change me.” “If there’s anything inside me that isn’t of you, remove it.” “Mold me into whatever you want me to be.” “Send me wherever I need to go.” “Use me in whatever you see fit.” These are all dangerous-sounding prayers, but if you don’t pray them with a pure heart and an intent to obey the answer, then your prayers are just words. It’s like the seven sons of Sceva. They knew the name of Jesus was powerful. They saw it used by the early Church. They even, most likely being exorcists, successfully used it themselves. They didn’t realize that that name alone can only do so much because you need the authority to use it.

Our prayers, unless prayed with authority and power, are just empty words. The Word of God is living and active, stronger than any double-edged sword, but if you don’t believe it and follow it, then it becomes null and void for you. Our intent matters. Our prayers matter. And what we do after we finish praying matters.

Don’t let your prayers be like empty words, holding no weight. Imagine the Spiritual battles that your prayers have to break through in order to get to God. Do you think half-hearted prayers such as “Use me. Change me. Mold me.” will break through the spiritual blockades in the Heavenly places? No. Only strong, powerful, heartfelt prayers of the righteous will break through. Don’t let your prayers only sound dangerous. Let them be dangerous.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Pray Dangerous Prayers.

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