Keep an Eye on the Future

17 Then Abraham bowed down to the ground, but he laughed to himself in disbelief. “How could I become a father at the age of 100?” he thought. “And how can Sarah have a baby when she is ninety years old?” 18 So Abraham said to God, “May Ishmael live under your special blessing!” 19 But God replied, “No—Sarah, your wife, will give birth to a son for you. You will name him Isaac, and I will confirm my covenant with him and his descendants as an everlasting covenant.” ~ Genesis 17:17-19

The LORD told Abraham that Sarah would give birth to a son, but Abraham laughed to himself in disbelief. Immediately after, God tells Abraham the name of his son, Isaac. Isaac apparently means ‘He laughs.’ And if we think about it, Isaac didn’t really seem to do much… sure, he’s one of the forefathers of the faith, but he didn’t do all that Abraham did or even what Jacob did. Isaac almost feels like a blur… I wonder if Abraham hadn’t have laughed but believed wholeheartedly, Isaac would have received a different name with a more purposeful role as a forefather of the faith.

The sins of the father may not rest on the children, meaning that the child will not die on behalf of the father’s sins, but the father’s sins will, without doubt, affect the children. This is why we have so many generational curses because what we do today affects those who live tomorrow.

Let’s take a quick look at Isaac again. He made the same exact mistakes of his father, Abraham, in regards to lying about his wife. He didn’t learn from his father’s mistakes. Isaac loved Esau most, and he didn’t see that the call was for Jacob. Even in his old age, Isaac was easily tricked by his wife and son, Jacob. A lot of what he did, or what he is remembered for, seems to be laughable, but even in all of that, you can still the mighty hand of God upon him.

God was with him when he had a problem with Abimelech and his people. God was with him when he married Rebekah and when he needed comforting after his mother’s death. God was without a doubt with Isaac, and this is because of Abraham’s relationship with God. Abraham’s relationship with God was so close and true that God continued that relationship with Isaac.

What we do and how we react to our circumstances will impact and affect our children, even if we don’t think it will. So, make a conscious effort to always have the future in mind as we live in the present.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Keep an Eye on the Future.

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