Eternal Praise

13 So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him, crying out, ‘Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!’” ~ John 12:13

The LORD Jesus came to Jerusalem on a donkey. He was greeted with shouts of acclamation. He was greeted with love and acceptance. On this day He was chosen as the perfect sacrificial lamb of God. He entered Jerusalem as a King but would be crucified as a sinner before the week was over. Yet Jesus boldly entered Jerusalem fully knowing what would be the end result for Him. He fully knew that the same people who were blessing Him and loving Him today, would be the same people prepared to crucify Him the next, yet He continued. He didn’t stop because He knew that they needed Him. He knew that there was no other way for them to enter life unless He did this. This was the only way for the world to be saved, so Jesus continued on, and boldly entered Jerusalem.

The times have not changed in the last 2,000 years. We get really religious and love Jesus when everyone else does. We get really religious and love Jesus when we need a healing or a miracle. We get really religious and love Jesus when it’s Sunday morning, but as soon as the world turns on Him, so do we. We go from shouting ‘Hosanna. Hosanna.’ to ‘Crucify Him. Crucify Him.’ And Jesus knew that. 2,000 years ago Jesus knew we, in today’s world, would crucify Him, as they did in His day. Jesus knew 4,000 years ago that we would crucify. He knew 6,000 years ago. He knew before He even created Earth, yet Jesus still entered Jerusalem and accepted the praises of those who would soon be crucifying Him.

Today we have the chance to change our paths. We don’t have to continue the cycle of praising Him, then crucifying Him. Today we can choose to praise Him, and when He is crucified, we can take Him down. When our media, our city, or our government crucifies Him, we can take Him down by defending Him. We can take Him down by living like Him. Don’t let this day continue as just another symbolic day, let today be the day that begins your eternal praising.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Praise.

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