Turn Your Knowledge Into Understanding

40 On the other side of the lake the crowds welcomed Jesus, because they had been waiting for Him. 41 Then a man named Jairus, a leader of the local synagogue, came and fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with Him to come home with Him. ~ Luke 8:40-41NLT

Jairus was the leader of the local synagogue. He was a very important man, but his faith needed Jesus to physically come with him to heal his dying daughter. Whereas the woman with the issue of blood was healed just by touching the fringe of Jesus’ garment. The Roman Centurion wasn’t a Jew in the slightest but had the greatest faith in all of Israel. Today is no different.

Our leaders talk a good talk and bring a good message but don’t believe in the power of God. Their faith is limited by their own beliefs and ideas. Whereas the common unknown person is seeing more healings, breakthroughs, and miracles than the leaders could ever dream of. Why? Because the abundance of head knowledge without the abundance of understanding is useless.

We have to have understanding of who God is and what He wants for us in order to see His glory work in our lives. If we just know a lot but don’t believe or put it into action, that knowledge is useless to us. It’s now just empty words that have no power or authority to save, heal, or redeem. If we want to see the glory of God, we have to have knowledge and understanding so that we can put it into action.

Dear LORD, please continue to bless us with knowledge, but please also bless us with understanding that we might put our knowledge into action. Help us not to just regard Your Word as empty, powerless words but as power and life itself. Grow our faith so that we might be like the Roman Centurion and the woman with the issue of blood. Help us to see signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and Your glory. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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