No Sacrifice Left

26 For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries. ~ Hebrews 10:26-27

Once you have accepted Jesus as your own personal Savior and have had your sins forgiven, you are now expected to live a life free of sin. You no longer indulge in the blatant sins you used to commit. But the popular saying these days is, “No one is perfect. We all make mistakes,” and that is true. There is no one that is perfect, and we all do make mistakes. But that does not hinder us or stop us from chasing down perfection and pursuing holiness in order to try to achieve it. And the mistakes that we make are not the same ones that we’ve been making everyday for the last two years.

I believe that when someone starts talking about no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, the question that needs to be asked is, what kind of mistakes are you referring to? Because adultery, or fornication, or pornography is not a mistake, it is blatant sin, and if any of those are current in your life, you need to repent and change your ways. Living like that is not chasing perfection. That is a fearful expectation of judgment.

The next thing is, if you continue living in a way that is contrary to what Jesus has determined is the right way, then that would suggest that you have more self-love than you have love for Jesus. You would never deliberately hurt your parents, your spouse, or anyone you truly love. It is the same with Jesus; you can’t use the excuse that Jesus understands…That is an excuse for you to continue feeding the lust of the flesh, and when you willfully feed the lust of your flesh, you hurt Jesus and grieve His Holy Spirit. And we are not to do that. We are to love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength (Mark 12:30). We no longer do the things that we know will hurt Him or cause Him pain. We love our LORD, therefore, we must protect our relationship with Him by keeping in Him and He in us. We can only do that through obedience.

The bottom line is, if you are saved but you continue to deliberately sin, there is No Sacrifice Left for you. You cannot trample the blood of Jesus and expect no consequences. So, if you have walked away from the LORD, or if you have been doing things that are wrong in Jesus’ sight, stop making excuses and repent and begin to live a righteous life in the strength of the LORD and pursue holiness.

Heavenly Father, help me to live for You. Help me to be obedient to Your commands and to Your Word. Help me to guard and protect my relationship with You that I might be pleasing to You. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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