Love Your Saul

11 David and his men tore their clothes in sorrow when they heard the news. 12 They mourned and wept and fasted all day for Saul and his son Jonathan, and for the Lord’s army and the nation of Israel, because they had died by the sword that day.” ~ 2 Samuel 1:11-12

Saul tried to kill David on multiple occasions, yet David didn’t rejoice in Saul’s death, he mourned. He wept for Saul, the man who caused him to be an outcast, gave his wife to another, and tried to kill. David loved God so much that he was able to love his enemies. How many of us can say that we truly love our enemies?

It’s easy to say that we love someone until they’ve done us wrong. Love is an easy thing to say, but not an easy thing to be. God is love and we are to model our lives after Him, then we must also be love. What does that mean? We must show mercy, especially to those that showed us none. We must show love to those who showed us hate. We have to live as Christ because it’s no longer us who is living, but it is Christ who is living through us. We each have a Saul in our lives, but do we each love our Saul like David did?

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Love Your Saul.

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