Let Go of Yourself

21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. ~ Philippians 1:21

When Saul encountered Jesus for the first time, that was it. His entire life changed. He never looked back. Not even once. It didn’t matter the persecution he suffered nor the tribulation he would have to endure. Saul understood that no matter what might come his way from the world, whether good or evil, he knew it could never compare to his encounter with Christ. In fact, after he became Paul, he went as far as to say it was no longer he that was living his life, but it was Christ, and if he were to die, then it’d be gain.

Today, every decision we make is with us at the center of it. We’re focused on our own goals and our own desires. We live our lives for us instead of for Jesus. See, Paul was ready to not only give up everything he wanted in life, but he was also ready to give up his very life as well.

Today, we can’t even give up a few minutes of our time to read our Bible or pray; then, we wonder why we no longer see signs and wonders or why our prayers aren’t being answered. If we want to hear from God, we have to seek Him. If we want to see the power of God, we have to have a relationship with Him. When we stop living for ourselves, and we start living for God, that’s when we will begin to see a change. That’s when we will begin to see the hand of God move in our lives as it did so many years ago.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Let Go of Yourself.

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