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“In the third year of his reign Jehoshaphat sent his officials to teach in all the towns of Judah. These officials included Ben-hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel, and Micaiah. They took copies of the Book of the Law of the Lord and traveled around through all the towns of Judah, teaching the people.” ~ 2 Chronicles 17:7, 9

Jehoshaphat sent his officials to all the towns of Judah to teach the word of God to all his subjects. Why do you suppose he did that? I believe it was for two reasons:

1.) He loved the LORD
2.) He loved his people

You cannot have a close relationship with the Almighty and not love what He loves. And what He loves most is people. More specifically, He loves their souls that will spend eternity in one of two places. Either in paradise with God or in the lake of fire without Him. But most Christians go through their Christian walk, and no one even knows they are Christian. They never witness; therefore, they never win souls. But if you continue to read the passage, it says that “the fear of the Lord fell over all the surrounding kingdoms so that none of them wanted to declare war on Jehoshaphat. Some of the Philistines brought him gifts and silver as tribute, and the Arabs brought 7,700 rams and 7,700 male goats” (vv10-11).

Not only did Jehoshaphat receive spiritual and physical blessings, but he received a financial blessing as well. Jehoshaphat reaped the benefits of obedience. You can too, it all begins with your testimony. Tell them how much God has done for you.

Father give us the boldness and confidence we need to witness to the lost, that they may hear the Good News and believe. Soften their hearts as we witness. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

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