Be The Ax In His Hand

15 But can the ax boast greater power than the person who uses it? Is the saw greater than the person who saws? Can a rod strike unless a hand moves it? Can a wooden cane walk by itself?” ~ Isaiah 10:15 NLT

We are God’s vessels. It’s not by our own power, strength, smarts, or skill that we succeed in life, but it is by the grace of God that anyone receives anything good. For all good gifts come down from the Father of Lights. So, praise the LORD for He is good. He gives to all of humanity, including the wicked. We are nothing without God, just as an ax is nothing without the one who wields it.

So, allow God to use you. Allow Him to take you into your Promised Land. Allow Him to show you all that you are capable of achieving through Him. God wants to take you to the next level; all you have to do is allow Him to do so. Don’t fight God; put your trust in Him. Don’t let fear, pride, anger, or anything stop you from the plan that God has for your life. For no matter how much wisdom we have, nothing we plan for ourselves could ever match what God has in store for those who listen to His voice and follow the path He created just for each of us.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Be The Ax In His Hand.

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