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33 And he put the wood in order and cut the bull in pieces and laid it on the wood. And he said, “Fill four jars with water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood.” 34 And he said, “Do it a second time.” And they did it a second time. And he said, “Do it a third time.” And they did it a third time. 35 And the water ran around the altar and filled the trench also with water. ~ 1 Kings 18:33-35

Elijah had the people pour 12 jars of water over the offering and the wood until even filled up the trench around the altar that could hold mover than 14 liters of seeds. Elijah didn’t just ask the LORD to burn up his offering; he set forth a test that he knew only the LORD could ever answer. Because not only was the offering burned up, but the trench with all of its water, the wood, and the 12 stones that the wood was placed on. Elijah had no doubt that this task would be easy for God.

Today, God Himself dwells in us. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us. The Spirit of God hasn’t dwindled. The Spirit of God hasn’t stopped working. He’s waiting for a vessel like Elijah, that was a man no different than us, except in his prayer life and his faith. In fact, Elijah was at a disadvantage that we don’t have today. In those days, the Spirit of God wasn’t poured out on all flesh. The Son of God didn’t dwell in and through them. The only reason we no longer see miracles like this is because our faith depends on our prayer life which depends on our love for God.

Elijah prayed and believed because he knew the God whom he served and he loved Him. Today, the Church chooses the world over God 9 out of 10 times. We’d rather do anything than pray. We’d rather do anything than worship. We’d rather do anything than read our Bible. If we want to see the glory of God through His great signs and wonders, then we have to seek Him with all of our hearts. Our faith has to be unshakable if we want our prayers answered. We have to want more than a lukewarm relationship with God.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Desire More.

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