Listen To The Rain

24 And the waters prevailed on the earth 150 days.” ~ Genesis 7:24

Ever get tired of waiting for a promise to be fulfilled? Of course, you do. We all do. We all pray and pray and pray and wait for an answer that doesn’t seem to come. Imagine how Noah felt when the rain stopped, but the Earth was still completely flooded. There weren’t even mountains that could be seen, only water.

That’s how it is for some of us. God has destroyed everything around us that was evil, that was bringing us down, that was keeping us from Him, and we are currently seeing nothing. We look out expecting to see life and hope, but all we see is the water that took away everything.

Sometimes it feels like it will take forever for the floods to subside, but what we don’t understand is that under all that water is a new and better life. The life God intended for us. Sure some will take longer than others, but it will never come late. For God’s timing is perfect. His will for us is perfect. If we allow God to use us, He will destroy the evil in our lives and build us a new and better replacement for the old. But we have to have patience. We have to continue to try new things, Noah sent out a bird four times before he even considered taking off the covering of the ark to look.

Sometimes we have to focus on what God has for us right now, not outside of our ark. We have to wait for the rain to stop before we can send out a dove to make sure it’s safe to move on/forward. And if you listen really closely, God will tell you when to come out and go forward.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Listen To The Rain.

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