A Call To Work

4 We must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. ~ John 9:4

Not all calls God has for our lives are flashy calls. Some of them are humble. Some are difficult. Some may even seem insignificant. But they are all work. I don’t have a secular job. I do this ministry full-time. This ministry is my job. This is my work. But to most people, even those in the Church (some of which are family), don’t see this as work. They don’t see the time, effort, and dedication it takes to do this every day.

We don’t have a large following. We’re not known worldwide or even city-wide, for that matter. The majority of our friends and family don’t even support us by watching a video or reading a devotional every now and then. Matter of fact, they don’t even subscribe to our website or channel. When we talk about working, it’s reduced down to, “Well, it’s not really work; it’s a passion.” It may be said nicely or playfully, but that doesn’t make it any less hurtful and discouraging.

That’s when God starts to speak to you. And He reminds you that it’s not their approval or even their support that matters. It’s that you’re doing the will of God that matters. It’s not for them; it’s for God. We’re each called for something. We’re each given the tools (gifts, both spiritual and physical) necessary to fulfill this God-given call. And sometimes, it just feels pointless. Sometimes, you feel like just quitting because you don’t feel like you’re making an impact. But the thing is, if you’re where God wants you to be, then you’re making an impact even if you don’t see it.

Dear God, thank You for giving me a call. Thank You for giving my life purpose and meaning. Thank You that I’m not just a floating speck of dust in the universe but that I was divinely designed by the Creator of all things, who loves me enough to give my life purpose. Please encourage my heart that I might not be discouraged and my soul might not be downcast within me. Help me to focus on You and the call that You have for my life. Help me to always encourage myself in You regardless of what other people think or say. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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