Weigh Yourself

1 What sorrow awaits you who lie awake at night, thinking up evil plans. You rise at dawn and hurry to carry them out, simply because you have the power to do so. 2 When you want a piece of land, you find a way to seize it. When you want someone’s house, you take it by fraud and violence. You cheat a man of his property, stealing his family’s inheritance. ~ Micah 2:1-2NLT

It’s very easy to feel angry and want revenge on people who have power and use that power for evil. We feel so helpless and oppressed. But the LORD said that vengeance is His. This is a difficult concept to understand because we’re a very microwave mentality society. We want what we want, and we want it now. But the LORD is slow to anger and patient so that all have the opportunity to repent and receive forgiveness. Why? Because the LORD created and loves each and every one of us. He doesn’t just take revenge; the LORD takes vengeance. I heard a quote once that said, “Revenge is seeking one’s owns passions, while vengeance is seeking justice.” The LORD seeks justice, not passion getting even.

This is why no one can say that the LORD doesn’t judge. The LORD has to judge, or He won’t be able to fulfill His vengeance, which is bringing justice to the World. This is why we should cling to two very important phrases.

To whom much is given, much is required.

Jesus, Luke 12:48

With great power comes great responsibility.

Uncle Ben, Spiderman

We get angry at those who take advantage of those under them, but do we ever stop to think about whether or not we are taking advantage of somebody under us? Do we treat our waiters and waitresses with respect, patience, and common decency? What about people we’ve hired that work under us? Or maybe our family members that are younger than us? How do we treat others? We, the Church, have been given more than anyone else because we have salvation. Since we have been given so much, do we give enough back in return? On Judgment Day, when we are weighed and measured, will we be found wanting?

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Weigh Yourself.

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