Leave The Defilement

39 They defiled themselves by what they did; by their deeds they prostituted themselves. ~ Psalms 106:39NIV

Acts and deeds are synonymous with actions. Actions are thoughts performed, and our thoughts are words spoken to ourselves.

We thought, therefore, we acted.

We think or imagine evil, then we turn those imaginations into actions, and when those actions are performed, they lead to separation from our God and eventually to death. We, in our own rebellion, willingly separate ourselves from our Creator. He could have easily and justifiably left us in our defiled state; after all, it wasn’t He who defiled us, but we ourselves did it. We sought it and fought for it. Schemed and planned in order to do it.

Yet that rebellion didn’t stop God’s love for us. It didn’t stop Him from building a path for us to be able to return to Him. It didn’t stop Him from chasing us down to bring us back to a place of safety. Even though our sin is our own fault, He took the sin upon Himself and canceled the great debt that stood before us.

We don’t have to remain in rebellion. We no longer have to remain separated and a far off from God, for God has made a way for each and every willing soul to come to Him. He loves you and desires a relationship with you.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Leave The Defilement.

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