Cling To Sound Doctrine

1 But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine. ~ Titus 2:1

As an online Church, we get firsthand encounters (through the comment section) that we wouldn’t necessarily see in person. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are expecting to one day have a physical church, but for now, the LORD is showing us things and preparing us for the future. So, with that said, my eyes have been opened more and more temperature of the majority of people who claim to be Christians. The majority that I come in contact with are those who will argue their belief to the ground but never be able to show you one single verse to prove their belief.

What a sad state of the world. We are to be Christ to the world, and Christ is the Good Doctor (Mark 2:17). Let’s now put that into perspective. Imagine going to the doctor because you hurt your ankle, and instead of doing tests to see what’s going on with your ankle, your doctor walks in, looks at you, and says you need brain surgery. He hasn’t done a single test but yet is jumping to a conclusion that doesn’t fit the evidence before him that he refuses to acknowledge. Would you go to that doctor?

The majority of us have become like doctors today who don’t try to fix problems, don’t know the root or cause of a problem, yet will put you on addictive and harmful prescription medication that doesn’t fix the problem. This is what we do when we push beliefs that we can’t defend or even find evidence for in Scripture and refuse to accept the evidence shown to us. If we are going to be Christ to the world, we have to be able to show the Word of God to the world. That can only start by first being a student and a studier of the Word of God, to make sure what you are being taught is truly from the Word of God.

Peace. Love. Go Forth and Cling To Sound Doctrine.

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