Is Krampus Real?

During the Christmas season, we’re used to stories of Santa Claus and his reindeer soaring through the sky on his sleigh to bring presents made by him and his elves for all the good children. Santa has become a staple in our society today, but in the more recent years, a new darker Christmas character has taken the spotlight. Krampus is the center of much pop culture these days, but who is this goat demon? And is there any truth to the story of Krampus? Join ArieRashelle as she searches through Scripture to find any evidence in her video, Is Krampus Real?

Leviticus 17:7
Exodus 12:12
Jeremiah 44:17‭-‬18
1 John 4:8
John 3:16
Galatians 3:8
Joel 2:32
Genesis 22:18
Ezekiel 3:18-19
Ezekiel 33:6
Matthew 22:29
Genesis 3
Revelation 12
Luke 22:3
Mark 9:20‭-‬29

Is Krampus Real?

What or Who is Krampus?

Krampus comes from central and Eastern Alpine folklore. Places like Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Northern Italy, the Autonomous Province of Trento and South Tyrol, Slovakia, and Slovenia. He is a goat-like creature that comes out to punish naughty children.

Biblical Evidence

7 So they shall no more sacrifice their sacrifices to goat demons [śā·ʿîr], after whom they whore. This shall be a statute forever for them throughout their generations.

Leviticus 17:7

14 For the Levites left their common lands and their holdings and came to Judah and Jerusalem, because Jeroboam and his sons cast them out from serving as priests of the Lord, 15 and he appointed his own priests for the high places and for the goat idols [śā·ʿîr] and for the calves that he had made.

2 Chronicles 11:14-15

śā·ʿîr (שָׂעִיר), which means hairy, rough, he-goat, demon, satyr

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