Are Ghosts Real?

Are Ghosts Real? What happens if you die and have unfinished business? Is that it? Or does your soul then roam the Earth trying to complete its life? Maybe they had a violent death and can’t go into the light. Do you haunt the place of your death? Do you haunt the people you once knew seeking help or justice? Are ghosts in the Bible? Join ArieRashelle as she strives to answer the long-old question, Are Ghosts Real?

1 Samuel 28:8-14
Isaiah 8:19
Matthew 14:16
Luke 24:37-39
Luke 16:22-23
Deuteronomy 18:10-12
1 Samuel 16:14-16
Revelation 12:7-8
1 Kings 22:19-23
Job 2:7-8

Are Ghosts Real?

Ghosts In The Bible

So Saul disguised himself and put on other garments and went, he and two men with him. And they came to the woman by night. And he said, “Divine for me by a spirit and bring up for me whomever I shall name to you.” The woman said to him, “Surely you know what Saul has done, how he has cut off the mediums and the necromancers from the land. Why then are you laying a trap for my life to bring about my death?”

10 But Saul swore to her by the Lord, “As the Lord lives, no punishment shall come upon you for this thing.” 11 Then the woman said, “Whom shall I bring up for you?” He said, “Bring up Samuel for me.” 12 When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice. And the woman said to Saul, “Why have you deceived me? You are Saul.” 13 The king said to her, “Do not be afraid. What do you see?” And the woman said to Saul, “I see a god coming up out of the earth.”

14 He said to her, “What is his appearance?” And she said, “An old man is coming up, and he is wrapped in a robe.” And Saul knew that it was Samuel, and he bowed with his face to the ground and paid homage. 15 Then Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?” Saul answered, “I am in great distress, for the Philistines are warring against me, and God has turned away from me and answers me no more, either by prophets or by dreams. Therefore I have summoned you to tell me what I shall do.”

1 Samuel 28:8-15

25 And in the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea. 26 But when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified, and said, “It is a ghost!” and they cried out in fear. 27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

Matthew 14:25-27

More Info on Hauntings

To clarify, we, the HoldToHope Family, do not believe that hauntings are done by ghosts, but instead by the Demonic/Satanic Realm. That would include Demons, Beasts of The Field, Angels, and other spirits. We do not believe that a soul or spirit roams the Earth due to unfinished business or deals with the Devil. We believe that after a person dies, their soul/spirit goes straight to either Heaven or Sheol (Hades).

During the video we asked the question can God be an accessory to sin? We believe that God cannot and is never an accessory to sin. We do believe, however, that God allows spirits as well as other people to tempt people into committing a sin. Just as it was not God who was tormenting Job, but it was Satan. Even though God allowed it to happen, He did not orchestrate it, nor was He a part of it. Same with the lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets. God allowed the spirit to lie to the prophets, deceiving Ahab, and ultimately bringing His downfall. If this was not enough explanation for this subject, let us know in the comment section below, and we will dedicate an entire video to this question. Until next time, God Bless

~ The HoldToHope Family

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