What is the Role of a Mother?

In today’s society, we’ve tried to blur the roles of a mother and a father. In fact, we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve begun demeaning the role of a mother. But why? Is this what God had in mind when He created Eve, the mother of all living? What exactly does God expect of mothers? Join ArieRashelle as she searches through Scripture to understand the purpose of mothers in her video, What is the Role of a Mother?

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The Role of a Mother

What Does The Bible Say About Mothers?

The Teacher

20 My son, keep your father’s commandment,
and forsake not your mother’s teaching.

Proverbs 6:20

The Caretaker

18 When the child had grown, he went out one day to his father among the reapers. 19 And he said to his father, “Oh, my head, my head!” The father said to his servant, “Carry him to his mother.” 20 And when he had lifted him and brought him to his mother, the child sat on her lap till noon, and then he died. 21 And she went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God and shut the door behind him and went out. 22 Then she called to her husband and said, “Send me one of the servants and one of the donkeys, that I may quickly go to the man of God and come back again.”

2 Kings 4:18-22

The Intercessor

25 So she set out and came to the man of God at Mount Carmel. When the man of God saw her coming, he said to Gehazi his servant, “Look, there is the Shunammite. 26 Run at once to meet her and say to her, ‘Is all well with you? Is all well with your husband? Is all well with the child?’” And she answered, “All is well.” 27 And when she came to the mountain to the man of God, she caught hold of his feet. And Gehazi came to push her away. But the man of God said, “Leave her alone, for she is in bitter distress, and the Lord has hidden it from me and has not told me.”

2 Kings 4:25-27

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